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What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a plan that a community makes for itself on how it wants to grow in the future. It includes a map that shows where we want new houses, where we want new businesses, where we want new factories, and also goals and policy directions for how city planning staff should evaluate the new proposals for development that they receive.

There are seven required elements, or chapters, of a General Plan in the state of California: 

  • Circulation (roads, highways, bike lanes, and public transportation)
  • Land Use (how the land can be used)
  • Housing Element (identify options for new housing projects for every income level and special protected groups)
  • Conservation Element (air quality, long-term water and energy supplies, natural resources)
  • Open-Space Element (park space, schools,  golf courses, rivers, lakes)
  • Noise Element (acceptable levels of noise)
  • Safety Element (police staffing levels, fire department staffing levels, protection against flood and hazardous materials)

We can have more than just the seven elements, and the City of Fresno’s Plan includes 12 elements. To read Fresno’s General Plan, go to Our General Plan talks specifically about Blackstone as a target area for investment and development.