Working together for clean and safe neighborhoods.

Do you live near Blackstone? Do you remember when the 41 was built? What’s your favorite Blackstone story? Do you want to work together to make Blackstone a healthier and livelier place? If you include your address when you join, we will send you a username and password to be able to engage in our neighborhood forums.

Better Blackstone is organizing neighborhood associations along the corridor for you to connect with your neighbors to address the challenges that you are facing. Existing neighborhood organizations include the Fig Garden Homeowners Association and the Lowell Neighborhood Association. If you have a neighborhood association or group along Blackstone please let us know so we can list your name and contact info here too!

Better Blackstone Association has 8 neighborhood leaders on advisory committee, each representing a different neighborhood along the corridor. Let us know if you’re interested!

Be sure to check out our upcoming events for learning, connecting and engaging to achieve healthy people and healthy places along the Blackstone Corridor

We’ve gathered many important resources to help you make your neighborhood safer, healthier and cleaner. Call us at 485-1416 if you have further questions!